A.S.98 for Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s Favourite Boots? A.S.98.

With an eclectic style, charismatic personality and a dreamy yet mischievous demeanour, Johnny Depp is an undisputed style icon. His look is one of meticulous detail that makes him stand out, to such an extent that certain accessories have become a veritable signature look, a trademark for his ‘beautiful and damned’ allure. The glasses, necklaces, hair, earrings, waistcoat, rings and scarf are all what make up the unique style of this Hollywood bad boy. Top of the list of must haves for his look are leather buckled A.S.98 boots and the irrefutable good-luck charm that the American actor has worn since his early Hollywood career. His A.S.98 boots have practically gained status as part of his ‘uniform’, with their grungy look and tarnished metal styling details.

Johnny Depp wears A.S.98 Boots
Johnny Depp's boots